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  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP

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The game features 26 extremely detailed missions, divided into three single player campaigns, eight missions per side (World Forces, The Order and the People's Republic of China), a well detailed story oriented prologue, which serves also as a tutorial and an epilogue mission. The game also features an advanced multiplayer mode, which combines fast and furious action and tactical elements. The multiplayer mode supporting the game up to 8 players in five game modes, giving the chance to play cooperatively, against the A.I. or other players, form alliances or fight against deadly enemies on 20 fully customizable and editable multiplayer maps or on randomly generated scenarios.

The story plays in the not so distant future, when the ultimate dream finally comes true and when the independent terrorist groups finally ceased fire with the civilized nations. Peace rules across the planet. There are little conflicts, riots and clash of interests. But at least, there is no trace, not even a single chance for the outbreak of a third world war. But at the end of the year the shadows of the past have arrived and once again, the civilized nations need to fight against the overwhelming darkness on all continents, in the cities, on land and in the air. An until this time not known, suddenly formed and appeared terrorist group has begun lethal assaults against the major cities. They fight on the same way, they use the same cruelty, but now one detail is different. No one knows what the new enemy’s real interests are. It is the year 2008, when only hope remained in the chaos, no one knows what will be the outcome of this new nightmare and who will going to prevail.

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